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Quality and Freshness Guaranteed with Atlantic Wild Lobster

Our product is quite simple, the freshest, wild caught, Canadian live lobster from the ice cold Atlantic Ocean. We offer daily fresh wild caught lobster stored in temperature controlled outdoor and indoor lobster holding facilities.

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Harvesting lobster along the rugged Atlantic Coast is steeped in tradition and aside from some advances in boat and gear technology, little has changed in the past 150 years.
Each lobster fisher has a unique signature of colored buoys identifying their traps. As the boats nears the buoy, the lines are secured and pulled out of the water. The lobsters are examined, carapace length measured to ensure legal size, undersized and egg-bearing females are returned to the sea. While this method of harvesting lobster is highly labor intensive, it is sustainable, ecologically sensitive to the environment and maintains the integrity of the ocean floor with minimal disruption. After the lobster is removed, the traps are re-baited and placed back in the water.

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