bayShore Lobster Ltd  was founded in 1994

Our Story

B​ayshore Lobster Ltd was founded in 1994. Bay Shore Lobster Ltd. has been around around as long as the typical organization, and about as long as the typical average fish and seafood company.


"We believe that our customers expect the freshest lobster, no matter where thy are, that's Why Bay Shore lobster's processing facility is located in Bruswick, right at the source of the finest lobster on earth"


Continuity of Suppply
- Our Holding capacity gives us the ability to offer our valued customers a steady supply whether it is Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or New Year's Eve and Chinese New Year.
- 500,000 pound Live Lobster holding capacity
- Live Float Tanks: 150,000 pounds
- Salt Water pounds: 250,000 pounds
- Tubing and Condo: 100,000 pounds


We Serve Our Customers With Confidence

It's said that success can be measured in loyalty. At the heart of loyalty is the trust established when a customer has confidence in the quality, safety and integrity of the product they receive. Since the beginning, quality assurance has been a central focus of our operations--practicing the most stringent procurement and processing protocols in the industry before we were federally mandated.

Even though we specialize in Canadian Live Lobster , we are also known for our other Canadian seafood products, such as ......
- Frozen Lobster
- Sea Cucumber
- Cold Water Prawns
- Snow Crab
- Greenland halibut, Red Fish, and much more.

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Our Team
The success of Bayshore Lobster and Seafoods is due largely to its largely dedicated and skilled team.

Our team understands that the process of everything we do, is so important to our customers, from beginning to end. From catching our seafood in the right season , right areas, to placing them in our pounds/facilities, to the packaging, and of course to the best transportation available to make sure our products are carefully packed and shipped. We at Bayshore Lobster and Seafood take pride in our products, and we are well known for our excellent customer service.

In business since 1994, and bringing a combine experience of over 35 years in the industry. Our Motto is very simple… “Is not what we have done that only matters, But What we can do for you now” Tried,Tested and True

Location Location Location Our head office, and locations of Operations is located in the two largest lobster and seafood exports in Canada. We also have access to other provinces for those looking for large quantities of Export.

We invite those interested in our products to make your way to Canada ,and visit our Operations of Seafood. We believe in long Term relationships.

The fish and seafood sectors are among the largest food sectors exported by Canada. In 2014, Canada exported $4.9 billion of fish and seafood products, an increase of $517 million from 2013. Approximately 85 percent of all fish landed by Canadian harvesters are exported to foreign markets.

Nova Scotia

  • Canada’s largest exporter of fish and seafood, with exports valued at $1.3 billion (19% increase over the previous year)

  • Exported 125,157 tonnes (t) of fish and seafood

  • Top three exports by value were lobster (34,531 t valued at $579.6 million), scallop (6,416 t valued at $164.0 million), and snow/queen crab (9,131 t valued at $114.1 million).

New Brunswick

  • Canada’s second largest exporter of fish and seafood, with exports valued at $1.1 billion (8% increase over

the previous year).

  • Exported 88,959 tonnes (t) of fish and seafood.

  • Top three exports by value were lobster (25,517 t valued at $631.2 million), farmed Atlantic salmon (16,090 t valued at $148.6 million) and snow/queen crab (10,325 t valued at $128.3 million).


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