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Global Shipments

Our Shipping Capabilites

Our orders range between 3,000 - 30,000lbs in size. We are dedicated to sustainable practices, providing the highest quality of live lobster year-round to our customers across the United States, Asia, and Europe.


Packaging & Logistics

Our New Brunswick operations are government approved through CFIA and ECCP planning.
We spend a great deal of time training and retraining our employees on the importance of Lobster handling through to packaging.
Computers and employees scan each and every lobster to ensure only the best product is shipped as a showcase product around the globe.
We’re a dedicated, focussed team that has attracted and retained some of the best talent in our industry. They are driven, hands-on and passionate about design, delivery and integrity within every aspect of our business.

Our Transportation Network

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Let's Connect

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Bayshore Lobster
99 Back Bay Loop Rd. 
Back Bay, NB, Canada


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