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Fresh Atlantic Lobster Shipped Across The Globe

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Why Bayshore Lobster?

We are one of the largest suppliers of the highest quality lobster, caught fresh from the world famous Atlantic Ocean. Our state of the art facility allows us to process the healthiest, most vibrant lobster and ensure our customers get them as fresh as they day they left the ocean.


Our Customers

We supply the finest fresh Atlantic lobster to multiple countries across the world. Our world famous lobster can be found in markets and restaurants across United State, Europe & Asia. 

Our Facility - How It Works

Arrival & Processing

Once the lobster arrive at our facility, they go through a thorough quality check and are placed in our temperature controlled tank and then sent for grading & quality control

Quality Control & Grading

During this process we ensure that we only use the most healthy & high quality lobsters. Next, we grade our lobsters based on size & weight prior to packing and shipping.

Packaging & Shipping

During our packaging process we continue to handle our lobsters very carefully and pack them with pride using cutting edge technology to ensure accuracy. We deploy a state of the art tracking systems that monitors in real time transit information. Our lobsters arrive as fresh as the day they were caught in the ocean.  

Our Technology

At Bayshore Lobster our team believes in a vision of finding efficiencies to make what we do better with advanced leading edge technology.


How We Started

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The story of our lobster fishery is well steeped in an over 150 year tradition. Not much has changed over the years except for gear, navigation and technology.


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We are focused on making sustainability our everyday goal. Our future generation needs to have the same opportunities that have been left for us.


Global Shipments

At Bayshore, our commitment is to ensure each shipment is treated as an individual. You need to feel confident that your lobsters are packed to arrive in the highest of quality. 

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Let's Connect

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Bayshore Lobster
99 Back Bay Loop Rd. 
Back Bay, NB, Canada

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