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We Have a dream about Sustainability!

Kindergarten Rule #1: Clean up your own mess.
• If you take it out, then put it back.
• If you put it in, then take it out .

Sustainability is about leaving it for the next generation.

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Fresh wild caught Canadian Lobster


Along the coasts of Atlantic Canada, one will see many lobster pounds that reflect a way of life from the past. This is considered a natural way to store lobster in an environment that resembles where they originally came from. Due to climate and environmental changes the lobster pounds as we know them, in many areas have been replaced with modern tank houses.
The new facilities are capable of holding thousands of pounds of lobster, that mimic the outdoor pounds with controlled water quality and refrigeration systems and have the capacity to grade and pack all under one roof.
At Bayshore, we are committed to repurposing our own lobster pounds to the next generation with the goal of sustainability at top of mind. 
We utilize them as live lobster overflow holding with specific areas for reconditioning and enhancing lobsters prior to re-harvesting.

We utilize them even further into the future with lobsters prior to harvesting again.
• Area devoted to broodstock enhancement and holding prior to entry into the hatchery.
• Grow out facilities to run a science program on stock enhancement.
• Green power facilities utilizing wind and solar power.
• Ocean water circulation system working with tidal cycles.
• Lobster Hatchery connected to facilities.
• Eco-Tourism destination.
• University science educational facilities.




We believe that we are all custodians of the resource and its habitat.
The responsibility for our future is in the palm of our hands.

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