Quality control is essential when transporting your product to market

Packaging and Logistic

We have a government approved packaging facility in our New Brunswick Location. Packaging is very important specially when it comes to Live Lobster.
We use two different size of Boxes, one for Canada/USA and other for China and other countries where travelling is over 20 hours. The acceptable mortality rate in the industry worldwide is 5% and under, so packaging is very important as you can imagine.

                               Length                           Width                               Height
Inside                    17 1/4"(437 mm)          12"(302 mm)                   12" (302 mm)
Outside                 18 3/4"(475 mm)          13 3/8"(340 mm)            13 3/8"(340 mm)
Cardboard            19 1/8"(485 mm)          13 3/4"(350 mm)            14 1/4"(360 mm)

Capacity: 40 litres/1.41 Cubic Feet  30 lbs Live Lobster/30 lbs Sea Urchins ~ 59 per LD3 Container


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